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Talking About Puyan

Glutinous Rice's Hometown

   Everyone visiting Puyan Township full of vitality would feel comfortable seeing lush vegetation everywhere. Most residents in Puyan Township are hardworking, diligent peasants. They make Puyan l Township one of the most important places for vegetable and glutinous rice planting and help earn Puyan the nickname ”Vegetables and Glutinous Rice's Hometown”. Puyan Township is situated in central (slightly westward) Changhua County . It borders Dacun Township and Sioushuei Township to the east; borders across the Old Jhuoshuei River Erlin Township and Fangyuan Township to the west; borders Sihu Township to the south and Fusing Township to the north. The total area is 36.6081 square kilometers, with 78.8% being arable land. It is a typical farming area.
   Before the development Puyan used to be a barren plain inhabited by the Babusa pingpuzu plain-dwellers. More than 300 years ago, the settlers arrived here from Quanzhou, Fujian, saw salt-resistant “Puyanchin” cover the land and a special view of a vast expanse of white resulting from the salt rising to the ground level with water because the weather in winter was cold and dry and thus called the land Puyan.
   The fertile soil and the mild weather make the agricultural produce here have a high quality and good reputations in the market. The residents in Puyan are simple and diligent with hospitality. Once you visit Puyan you can experience the warmth a lot. Visiting Puyan, you can enjoy the natural landscape which is beautiful beyond description as well as leisure agriculture, which has borne fruit after several years' hard work and efforts by the residents to upgrade the traditional agriculture and the development for Puyan as a whole. Don't miss Puyan Township! Leisure farms, old houses, temples and local specialties would guarantee you a wonderful holiday!


Puyan's Profile
Area:38.6081square kilometers
Administrative Areas:22 villages, 262 neighborhoods
Number of Households:8,452
Schools: 1 junior high school, 7 elementary schools, and a day care center set up by Puyan Town Hall.

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